1. How does the customer know what brake pad is available for his particular model of automobile?
The customer can check the information about what brake pad is required for his model of automobile by entering the brake pad's FMSI number into the inquiry column on our website.

2. Why should the customer carry out a test run on the new brake pad?
Carrying out a test run is vital to improve the braking performance of the brake pad as well as reducing the brake pad and brake disc abrasions. The test run can generate a transitional layer on the brake disc surface for the friction materials by increasing the temperature of the friction surface to help the brake pads' braking performance.

3. What causes the braking noise?
There are many reasons for the braking noise. It may be that the chemical compositions of some low metallic brake pads result in the braking noise, which is called an NVH problem. Our customers praise our brake pad product for its low dust and high braking performance. Other reasons could be the long time abrasion of the brake pad or the brake disc, the loosened brake parts in the clamp, the loosened noise shim or the jump ring, the shatters on the surface of the brake disc and brake pad, the cracks on the brake disc surface affected by the heat, etc. If you hear a braking noise continuously over a period of time, this indicates that you need to repair or replace the brakes.

4. What can be done to avoid the noise during the installation of the brake pad?
The most important point lies in the choice of the brake pad and the ceramic brake pad provided by us. Our products have gained market recognition for their low dust, no noise, less wear and high DTV performance characteristics. After choosing the right type of the brake pad, the proper installation steps are as follows: First, the customer should polish the brake pad; Second, the customer should eliminate the shatters by rinsing and drying the brake pad; Third, the brake pad should be installed according to the instruction book; Fourth, horizontal pressure force should be used on the brake pad; and last but not least, a thin layer of anti vibration lubricant, comprised of silicone compound, is coated on the back of the brake pad.

Main Products
    1. Heavy Duty Brake PadsBoth the rotor and the pad come with long service life. When you press the break pedal, it feels smooth but firm. Green formula. The heavy duty brake pad is environmentally friendly because it is asbestos-free, lead- free, ...
    1. FAWAs a main brake pad OE supplier, our company provides brake pads for various kinds of FAW automobile models with high quality and competitive prices.
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    1. Low Metallic Brake PadsThe low metallic brake pad is used in various kinds of passenger cars and commercial vehicles. The low-metallic formula and high friction coefficient of the low metallic brake pad makes it appealing for ...
    1. Brake ShoeThe brake shoe offers a high flexibility of braking and also ensures outstanding and reliable rhythmic braking. Producing low noise, it offers a comfortable and quiet driving environment.
    1. Backing PlateOur two sister companies can supply good quality backing plate with part number 600.
      The backing plate is used in the brake pad for various types of passenger cars and commercial vehicles.