S/N FMSI D Number FMSI Friction Number Make Model Location Year
61 D0135 7067 JAGUAR VANDEN PLAS; XJ6; SJRS; XJS FRONT 1982-1996
343 D0394 7395 JAGUAR VANDEN PLAS; XJ12; XJ6; XJ8; XJR; XK8 FRONT 1990-2006
359 D0407 7296 JAGUAR VANDEN PLAS; XJ6 FRONT 1988-1989
517 D0517 7396 JAGUAR VANDEN PLAS; XJ6; XJRS REAR 1990-1994
518 D0517 7539 JAGUAR XJ12; XJ6; XJS REAR 1993-1994
648 D0592 7831 JAGUAR S-TYPE; SUPER V8; XJR; XKR FRONT REAR 1998-2006
662 D0599 7477A JAGUAR VANDEN PLAS; XJ8; S-TYPE REAR 2003-2005
804 D0688 7563 JAGUAR VANDEN PLAS; XJ12; XJ6; XJ8; XJR; XJS; XK8 REAR 1995-2006
998 D0806 7679 JAGUAR S-TYPE; VANDEN PLAS; XJ8 REAR 2000-2005
1002 D0810 7684 JAGUAR XJR FRONT 1997-2006
1085 D0849 7676 JAGUAR S-TYPE FRONT 2000-2002
1188 D0910 7789 JAGUAR X-TYPE FRONT 2002-2007
1190 D0911 7790 JAGUAR X-TYPE REAR 2002-2005
1234 D0933 7836 JAGUAR S-Type FRONT 2000-2003
1241 D0938 7840 JAGUAR S-TYPE; SUPER V8; XJR FRONT 2003-2006
1448 D1065 7971 JAGUAR S-TYPE; VANDEN PLAS; XJ8 FRONT 2003-2006
1456 D1071 7976 JAGUAR X-TYPE REAR 2005-2007
1498 D1095 7874 JAGUAR S-TYPE; SUPERV8; VANDEN PLAS; XJ8; XJR; XK; XKR REAR 2005-2007
1640 D1240 8357 JAGUAR JAGUAR;SUPER V8; XJR; XKR FRONT 2005-2007
1641 D1241 8358 JAGUAR S-TYPE; VANDEN PLAS; XJ8; XK FRONT 2005-2007
1758 D1355 8464 JAGUAR XK; XKR Portfolio; XKR FRONT 2008-2010
1759 D1356 8465 JAGUAR XK; XKR Portfolio; XKR REAR 2008-2010
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