S/N FMSI D Number FMSI Friction Number Make Model Location Year
235 D0328 7175 EAGLE SUMMIT FRONT 1989-1990
239 D0329 7225 EAGLE SUMMIT; TALON REAR 1989-1994
273 D0351 7244 EAGLE MEDALLION FRONT 1988-1989
324 D0383 7272 EAGLE SUMMIT REAR 1992-1998
465 D0484 7365 EAGLE SUMMIT; TALON FRONT 1990-1998
539 D0530 7412 EAGLE TALON FRONT 1993-1998
547 D0533 7415 EAGLE TALON REAR 1991-1994
550 D0534 7416 EAGLE SUMMIT FRONT 1991-1992
553 D0535 7417 EAGLE SUMMIT FRONT 1991
598 D0559 7438A EAGLE VISION REAR 1993-1994
610 D0567 7447 EAGLE TALON REAR 1995-1997
645 D0591 7470A EAGLE VISION FRONT 1993-1994
656 D0596 7474 EAGLE SUMMIT REAR 1993-1996
672 D0602 7482 EAGLE SUMMIT FRONT 1993-1996
728 D0642 7470A EAGLE VISION FRONT 1995-1997
753 D0658 7438A EAGLE VISION REAR 1995-2004
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